Nortrans Services translation and proofreading services

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Nortrans Services is a translation agency that translates from a wide variety of languages into English.

We also translate from English into other languages and can offer other language combinations on request.


We have extensive experience of the following subject areas:


tick Banking and finance

tick Law

tick Education

tick Official certification

Telephone: 01684 541260

Rates are subject to discussion and are usually based on a charge per hour or per 1000 words of a document.

Member logoPlease note that the minimum charge for an assignment is £50.

We also offer an editing and proofreading service for translated documents. This can be used for translation projects, when, for an additional charge, a document is proofread and corrected by a translator who is fluent in the languages of the original document and the translation, or to revise an existing translation.

Our translation rates vary depending on the specific details of each project, but will be agreed and explained fully in advance.

Rates are calculated taking into account the subject matter, document format, timescale and other details. For example, a highly technical document with a tight deadline for delivery will cost significantly more than a non-technical document with no specific deadline.